altitude: 635m
inhabitants: 4745

At the gates of the Madonie Park, Caltavuturo is well-known for its nature, its spectacular, fascinating landscapes and its history, which started long before the Islamic domination. 
The first fortified site rose north of the present day town, in a strategic, inaccessible point coveted by both Arabs and Normans.
The remains of the Arabian castle and farmhouse can still be seen 739 metres asl
We suggest visiting the XVII century Church of Santa Maria la Nuova, also called Badia (abbey), annexed to the Benedictines’ Convent, featuring artworks by Gagini. Within the Mother church, dating back to 1572, are the “Adoration of the Kings”, a Flemish school painting, and a priceless organ by Lorenzo La Valle. 
Two necropolis and a military strategic settlement have been recently brought to light on the slopes of Mount Riparato. The International Festival of Folklore takes place in August