Situated 1007 metres up in the Madonie mountains, this town boasts a noble and ancient past, still witnessed by the town plan of the upper built-up area, whose Islamic origin is clear, and by the town centre, which developed around the Castle right after the Norman conquest. It’s a sheer drop from the high rock where the magnificent remains of the Castle lie and the valley below; the building dates back to 1072 and you can still see part of the walls and the gothic Chapel of Sant’Anna. Many churches are worth a visit: the Mother church, featuring many an artwork, the church of San Bartolomeo, the church of Santa Maria La Porta, where artworks by the school of Gagini are, and the church of Sant’Anna. 
A large part of the municipality territory is included in the Park protected area; Geraci offers several opportunities for excursions and walks. 
The Ventimiglia joust is an historical-folkloristic event taking place in July on the suggestive scene of the Madonie. The event aims at bringing back to life the medieval jousts that used to take place in town when the Ventimiglia family ruled it.