This city, lying between the Belice and the Sosio valleys, close to the suggestive Gammauta lake, was set up by Albanian refugees in 1488. In its central square, piazza Umberto I (where “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” was filmed), two churches face one another: the Greek-Byzantine church of Santa Maria Assunta and the latin Santa Maria del Lume. Don’t miss the northern part of town, where the Castle remains (XVI century) are, standing close to a tower dating back to Frederick II. 
The Madonna delle Grazie Sanctuary is situated just outside the built-up area and was set up in 1560 after an apparition of the Virgin Mary.
The XVIII Maiorana courtyard, rising in one of the most suggestive corners of the town, is home to an interesting permanent exhibition on the peasant civilization. 
Palazzo Adriano hosts many an interesting event, such as the Easter celebrations, culminating, according to Eastern Christian traditions, in the pilgrimage to the Madonna delle Grazie Sanctuary on the Tuesday after Easter Sunday. Among the most unusual celebrations there is the feast of S. Antonio Abate, during which animals and means of transport are blessed. In June a cattle fair takes place, while on the 31 July the Cuccia(traditional winter pudding made from hard wheat) festival is organized.