Polizzi is located inside the Madonie Park, lying on a high rock ridge from which you can enjoy an amazing view. 
Don’t miss the Norman Mother church, where a magnificent Flemish triptych and a rich treasury, composed of crafts by Sicilian goldsmiths, are. 
It is also worth visiting the XVII church of San Gandolfo la Povera with its painting by the Zoppo di Gangi, the XV century plan old Badia (abbey), the church of San Nicolò (the most ancient in Polizzi) and the church of Sant’Antonio, originally an Arabian mosque. Many private houses from the XVIII and the XIX century still feature their priceless frescoed and superimposed painted vaults, created by skilful local craftsmen; one of the most outstanding of these buildings is home to the Madonite Environement Museum. This town is renown for walnut, asparagus, strawberry growing, and for the presence of a special variety of mushroom. In Polizzi, it is also possible to find some of the most beautiful orchids in the Mediterranean. 
Websites: Madonite Environemental Museum http://www.abies.it/mam/ ; http://www.parcodellemadonie.it/home.htm