Originally a feudal agricultural village, Castellana Sicula rises 800 metres asl between the two Petralias and Polizzi Generosa. The remains of a Roman villa of the imperial age have been recently discovered in its surroundings. The Mother church is dedicated to San Francesco di Paola; the Ethno-anthropological museum and the Petrolito Museum, on the municipal road Castellana-Nociazzi, are well worth a visit. Castellana is renowned for its confectionery: almond paste amaretti (macaroons) are the local specialty. 
Castellana Sicula boasts many a tradition: the feast of Santa Barbara is one of the most heartfelt. On December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a pilgrimage takes place and bread is distributed. Young people in Castellana are also willing to retain the traditional ballo della cordella (string dance). 
Websites: http://www.comune.castellana-sicula.pa.it/ http://www.parcodellemadonie.it/home.htm