Between the gulfs of Carini and Castellammare, this small seaside resort (public beach/facilities available) is dominated by the elegant former Benedictine Abbey (now Town Hall), probably built by enlarging an earlier fortified tower. The interior of the central body is beautiful, with its XVII decorated wooden roof and tuff-vaulted halls; the large hypogeum is quite interesting too, and was probably used as a tank by the monks. The XVII century Mother church is worth a visit (look at the coral, lapis lazuli and onyx frontal of the main altar), as is the Church of the Anime Sante (1827) featuring two significant paintings of the school of the Zoppo di Gangi. We suggest visiting the Molinazzo Tower, part of the XVI century tuna factory, situated on a rough, suggestive cape stretching towards the sea. The Tonnara dell’Orsa, one of the most remarkable on this part of the coast, is now an exhibition area.