Lying west of Palermo, Isola delle Femmine is a famous seaside resort provided with a large beach (public beach/facilities available). Its name comes from the small island not far from the coast. On its top you can see two towers, the Earthen Tower and the Spanish Tower, built in the XV and XVI century. 
The island is the seat of the Natural integrated reserve of Isola delle Femmine, created to preserve its unique characteristics. The fauna consists of two species of bird, the herring-gull and the crested lark, which both nest there. The sea bottom, with its coralligenous biogenesis, is also quite noteworthy. 
A multi-purpose cultural centre will be created in the premises of the former municipal slaughterhouse, between Capo Gallo and Isola. It will host a museum which will focus on the sea in all its different aspects.