The town of Marineo lies in the Eleuterio river valley, at the foot of a rock, just outside the Ficuzza wood. The XVII century Mother church of San Ciro (featuring an outstanding shrine containing the remains of the patron saint), the Madonna Dajna Sanctuary (1583) and the remains of the Castle, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view. 
The Archeological Museum contains findings from the Eleuterio valley. You can go further down the Scanzano valley, and move along the edge of the Cappelliere wood and the shore of the Scanzano artificial lake, all the way to the amazing natural ramparts of Rocca Busambra, rising out of a vast oak wood. 
Major events include the Dimostranza di San Ciro, a folk pantomime taking place every four years in August, and the Cunnutta, a parade of pious people on horseback to celebrate the patron saint. In September, an important international poetry contest takes place.