Picturesquely lying on a rock spur on the left of river Imera and at the foot of its Soprana “sister”, Petralia Sottana boasts many buildings and churches having an extraordinary artistic relevance. These include the church of Santa Maria della Fontana, dating back to the XVI century, the baroque church of San Francesco and the church of the Misericordia, dating back to 1175. 
The interior of the XVII century Mother church is magnificent, and features many artworks ascribed to Gagini, such as two marble groups dating back to the XVI and XVII century, some paintings by Giuseppe Salerno and an extraordinary mid XV century triptych. 
Along the road to Soprana, surrounded by an amazing natural context, there is the former convent of the Reformed Fathers, set up in 1663, which has been recently restored and turned into a multipurpose centre. 
Petralia Sottana offer many opportunities for excursions in the Madonie Park; Piano Zucchi and Piano Battaglia, two skiing resorts, can be easily reached from there.
The Chestnut festival takes place in autumn, while on the Sunday following August 15 an important folklore event takes place: the Corteo nuziale e Ballo della cordella (Bridal procession and string dance), a romantic evocation of the traditional peasant wedding, taking place around a pole from which the coloured strings interlaced during the dance stem.