This town of the Sosio valley shows an unchanged medieval urban plan, whose old town is an outstanding example of mountain architecture. 
The church of the Crocifisso, dating back to 1670, and the Mother church, which was built in 1561, modifying an earlier XIV century church, are worth a visit. 
Prizzi is rich of traditions: the most ancient one is the Ballo dei Diavoli (dance of the devils), which closes the Holy Week celebrations, in which faith and folklore are deeply intertwined. Easter celebrations in Prizzi are based upon old folk traditions and present many a theatrical feature which are typical of Greek tragedies, such as the eternal fight between Evil and Good.
The Ballo dei Diavoli
It is a medieval tradition, stemming from a still primitive Christianity, reliving its religious fervour in the archaic recalling the fight between Evil and Good. After Christ’s death, the world is in the hands of the devils, who, early in the morning, headed by Death, knock on everybody’s door and rattle their chains to steal the passer-bys’ souls. In the afternoon they are challenged by Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Angels to protect Christ from the assault of the devils.