This important seaport at the foot of Mount San Calogero, on the Tyrrhenian coast, can’t be missed, as it has a rich artistic heritage. Major monuments include the XV century Cathedral, featuring several artworks, the XV century church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, the former Monastery of the Clarisse, the Town HallVilla Palmeri’s garden where the remains of the senate house and of the roman Basilica can be seen, the Albergo delle Terme (Hot Springs Hotel) and the remains of the Cornelius aqueduct. Don’t forget to visit the Civic Museum, which houses archaeology, art and natural sciences collections. 
You can enjoy a breath-taking view of the coast from the Lookout, in the upper part of town; on the nearby rock there are the remains of the Castle
We recommend an interesting but simple excursion to the Rosamarina Dam on the San Leonardo river, forming an amazing lake embedded between the reliefs of the Pizzo Cane and Pizzo Trigna Natural Reserve
The Carnival of Termini Imerese is the most ancient in Sicily.