Ventimiglia di Sicilia (Sicilian:Calamigna) is a town and comune in the Province of Palermo, located in the autonomous region of Sicily, Italy. Though “Ventimiglia di Sicilia” is its official name, in Sicilian, the city is known as Calamigna.

Ventimiglia was founded in the 1620s by Don Girolamo del Carretto. The town was named after his wife, Beatrice Ventimiglia. In 1863, “di Sicilia” was added to Ventimiglia, to differentiate the city from the town of Ventimiglia in Liguria. The city is neighbored by the towns Baucina, BolognettaCaccamoCasteldaccia and Ciminna.

The town is also home to an advanced observatory, the Osservatorio di Ventimiglia di Sicilia “Ezio Brancato”(Ventimiglia di Sicilia Observatory) run by The Organizzazione Ricerche e Studi di Astronomia(Organization for the Research and Study of Astronomy) or ORSA, built in 2001.